When we are talking about sources, what is referred to is concepts about a few key terms frequently used in Radical Nonduality (RN). Jargon is often limited to be grokked by those few, who happen to dabble in similar circles and frequent similar sources of writings, or listen to similar speakers.

RN-jargon sounds abstract, and to the non-trained mind, doesn’t make sense or convey any practical or intellectual value. Posts on this blog feature a language, that reflects a particular perceptual position: They are written in a style that omits the typical references to the authors identity as a separate person.

The underlying materials and principles posts consist of and are built on, are abstract in nature, and intentionally free of the application of and reference to more traditional terms like God, Soul, self or Self, Self Realization, etc. . This diminishes the risk that the reader is pulling up familiar concepts from memory, and fails to resonate more purely with what is being offered here.

Approaching this blog with beginner’s mind, or for that matter, no mind at all, tends to open up instances of resonance that go beyond cognition and other epistemological associations. Some have referred to this as direct experience of what is beyond space, time and all forms of personal memory and identification.

Here is how one of the more prominent speakers in this realm has put it:

The nature of liberation is direct, simple and as
natural as breathing. Many will come across it and
shuffle quickly back to that which they think they
can know and do. But there are those with whom
the invitation will resonate… they will suddenly see
and be ready to let go of all seeking, even for that
which they have called enlightenment.
(Tony Parsons)

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