Everything is it…

…so You’re Already That Which is Longed for

Quote courtesy of Michael & Dan, as they keep talking about that which can’t be known, as it is beyond words, space and time – yet includes it all

Talking about what is beyond words is challenging, as it always remains in the abstract: The map is not the territory.

The human mind operates in a dualistic world, where a subject is identifying objects and processes that take place in time and space. Those objects and processes are like clouds in the sky, ephemeral in nature, always changing.

Nondual spirituality is pointing to that which doesn’t change, the sky as a background for the passing clouds. Another metaphor is the Ocean and waves that form and collapse – never really being separate, but holism, including all of it.

Some talk about “just this” or some variation, essentially using words that imply that which is beyond all subjects and objects.

It transcends the myriads of thoughtforms, spun together into identifications, convictions, belief systems and all sorts of theories and speculations.

Knowing is a strong aspect of the culture we live in: Knowledge is power, and we get addicted to getting more and more of it, in the hope to eventually know it all?

What is it like? – it appears as many forms, qualities and incidents, unpredictable and ultimately beyond control.

Can we live that way? – is there anyone left who controls how we live, or is life just happening?
Who would care?

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